White cottage Dog Holidays

A little bit about us

Whether you need regular day care for your dog, or just a one off day, we offer a fun, safe and stimulating environment, in our home.

We have a large outdoor undercover play area, which in the rain keeps them nice and dry and when we are lucky enough for sun it keeps them shaded and cool, we also have a grassy paddock for them to play in plus twice daily walks...

If all that sounds too much for your dog, we have lots of quiet cosy corners, and snuggly beds, for the dogs that prefer to relax after a gentle stroll.

The combination of exercise and socialisation means that you have a very happy dog at the end of the day.

We love tiny dogs here at the White Cottage, and we have a separate area for them to play in. If your tiny dog is shy or nervous, we will spend time to help to socialise them, and make them more confident with other dogs.

We have car seats for small dogs and always take slings and carry packs, so they can still engoy big adventures, even after their little legs are tired.

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